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Step into a world of endless possibilities at Getlinked, An AI powered platform dedicated to connecting exceptional talents with forward-thinking employers, creating a harmonious synergy that breeds success.

A Hiring ManagerTop Talents
A Hiring ManagerTop Talents
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Getlinked is here to revolutionize and bridge the gap between talented individuals and businesses in need of their expertise by utilizing the power of cutting-edge technology to streamline the process for businesses to swiftly and efficiently find the perfect candidates. Simultaneously, talented individuals can effortlessly explore job opportunities that align with their unique skills and experience.

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How it works

Using getLinked is simple and straightforward. First, talented individuals create a profile on the platform, highlighting their skills, experience, and job preferences. They can also upload their resume and other relevant documents to showcase their expertise.

Next, businesses looking for talented individuals can search for candidates based on specific criteria such as location, skills, and experience. They can view candidate profiles, resumes, and other documents to assess their suitability for the job. Once they find the right candidate, they can send them a message or invite them for an interview through the platform.

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What to expect -

Access to top talents icon

Access to top talents

You get access the best of the best talents available global in one pool

Streamlined search icon

Streamlined search

You get to Connect and get linked with top global talent in a seamless and hassle free manner.

Recruitment productivity icon

Recruitment productivity

Getlinked offers you the ability to maximize your team by leaveraging the power of automation.

Stronger team building icon

Stronger team building

Get connected with your newly matched employer and have a wonderful paid experience.

What to expect -

Create a profile icon

Create a profile

Create a profile and highlight your skill, experience and Job preferences.

Upload documents icon

Upload documents

Create a profile and highlight your skill, experience and Job preferences.

View openings icon

View openings

Create a profile and highlight your skill, experience and Job preferences.

Celebrate your win ! icon

Celebrate your win !

Create a profile and highlight your skill, experience and Job preferences.

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